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Hand Massage

Jie Zhao
– Experienced acupuncturist and herbalist in Helsinki

  • Tradicional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

  • Acupuncture.

  • Massage

  • Herbalist.

  • Zone Therapy (foot and ear)

  • Cupping.


About Jie Zhao

Meet Zhao Jie, a seasoned practitioner in traditional Chinese acupuncture, traditional medicine, and herbalism, boasting an impressive 29 years of expertise.


Raised in a family deeply rooted in traditional Chinese medicine in Peking, Jie has been immersed in the practices of herbs, cupping, moxa, and acupuncture from an early age.


With over 29 years of experience treating diverse symptoms, Jie offers comprehensive care drawing from a wealth of methods.


Fluent in Finnish, Swedish, English, and Chinese, Jie ensures effective communication and understanding with her clients.


Located in Taka-Töölö, Helsinki, her office provides a welcoming space for those seeking holistic healing and well-being.


Welcome to experience the blend of ancient wisdom and modern expertise in Jie's practice room at Mechelininkatu 39.

Jie Zhao Kiinalainen lääketiede Helsinki
kiinalainen lääketiede jie zhao akupunktio


Zhao Jie's journey in the realm of holistic healing began with her graduation from Capital Medical University in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1995, followed by a stint as a TCM doctor in a Beijing hospital.

Expanding her horizons, she pursued studies at the Suomen Homeopathy Institute, earning accreditation as a classical homeopathist in 2004.


Furthering her expertise, Jie delved into zone therapy, classical massage, and specialized in various massage techniques including relaxation, pain management, and TENS treatment.

Venturing abroad, she sought out esteemed mentors to deepen her understanding of TCM, mastering Tung's acupuncture, Xiaoxiao fang herb teas, the five movements and six climates theory, and Qigong under the guidance of Master Zhang.

Throughout her years of practice, Jie honed her diagnostic skills, becoming an authority in tongue diagnosis and abdomen acupoint diagnosis, guided by the principle that the virtues of a great physician encompass both perfect skills and unwavering sincerity.

–The treatment is always individual and specific to each person.



  • Acupuncture 60 - 75 min 75€

  • Massage 60 min – 55€

  • Massage 90 min – 75€

  • Chinese medicine consultation – 75

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