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Traditional chinese medicine TCM

Jie Zhao

–Experienced acupuncturist and herbalist in Helsinki


About Jie Zhao

Zhao Jie grew up in a traditional Chinese medicine family. She experienced herbs, cupping, moxa, and acupuncture since she was a child.

Jie treats a variety of diseases in more than 20 years of experience in traditional medicine.

Jie can speak fluent Chinese, English, Finnish and Swedish.

Jie is based in Helsinki and having her own practise in Taka-Töölö (Mechelininkatu 39).


Image by Toa Heftiba


She graduated from Capital Medical University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1995 and worked as a TCM doctor in a hospital in Beijing. Later, she moved to Finland and worked as an acupuncturist in different clinics. At the same time, she became very eager to learn all kinds of alternative medicines. She is graduated from Suomen Homeopathy Institute as classical homeopathy in 2004. She learned zone therapy, classical massage and became a specialist in relaxing massage, pain management massage, and TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation treatment).


She also went abroad and found excellent teachers who can deepen her knowledge of TCM. She learned Tung's acupuncture, how to make Xiaoxiao fang herb teas, the five movements and six climates theory and treatment, Master Zhang's Qigong. During the years practicing TCM, Zhao Jie also became the expert for tongue diagnosis and abdomen acupoints diagnosis. Because she always remembers that “Virtual of Great Physician, an excellent doctor's perfect skill and absolute sincerity.

–The treatment is always individual and specific to each person.



Acupuncture 60-75 min 75€

Massage 60 min – 55€

Massage 90 min – 75€

Chinese medicine consultation – 75


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